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~~~~~ NACHT AM SEE ~~~~~


also, hallo erstmal! ähm ok now i want to write sth on english. but not only in english, but in old english!! you don`t now what that is?? i`ll show you:

sou, oukei. set is mai entri on ould - inglisch. ai sink its diffikült tu ried, bat aim schur, ju ken coup it, du ju?

tudei, ai wos et pascha - wot äls - end in se pascha sär wos singstar!!! it wos verry verry greit! miris boifrend alex drouve, so miri and mi cud drink  somsing. befor, ai säd i dount`t wont tu drink somsing, becos i häf tu wrait mai skilld wörk. bat after a wail, is säd tu mi: elisabeth - nou ju ar a fox end drink somsing. sou i did!!

bat it wosn`t tuuu matsch. it wos okei. et först, i säng with miri "bring me to life" bai iwanesenz, sen miri ounli wontid tu drink, sou i häf tu sing aloun. i säng for ixampl "er gehört zu mir", or "bilder von dir".

end se best wos: a görl, hu wosn`t drunk, luses ägänst mi!!!haha i sot!! jes. somsing äls tu tell ju? kadir säd tu mi set i cud sing goud, set meid me praud a littl bid!

ok, now i think its enough for old - englisch. its really difficult to read it in that way, so english is a better method. miri and me made a video, or better a multiplicity of videos, to show it to our colleagues at pennergame: friends - if you read it - brace yourself for something!!

now i have to finish because miri wants ti read the blog entry=)

see you :- {}

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in english please!!!

well, now, when i 'am in a drunken mood i want to write something on my blog. it's funny, isn't it? i was in pascha-bar with miri, her boyfriend alex, nessa, matthias knubbel, ke and his girlfriend lauri. but after a while these two weren't amused very much because they felt a little bit tired and fattigated (and i was very exhilirated) and so they went to bayrischer hof! miri has to drive and so alex and me were able to drink a little bit of alcohol (and not a little bit). well, especially alex was crazy on that liquid substance called asbach-cola. and i used to drink vodka-lemon...but not tooo much. it was okay.oh no, after a while TING 2 was coming in. miri and me were not amused. also alex because he called him a fucking hamsterbacke! i think TING 2 didn't like that (he ignored us!!). also that person, who have had englisch lk at school and who ignored us, too. perhaps, you're wondering why i write in english. that's because we talked a lot of time in english (miri was not amused also not amused, when we wanted to talk french...??--> i can't understand, why...). ok, alex was really drunk, so he wanted to circul around the pascha-bar (jogging!!), and he did!! we were laughing very much:D. about midnight, we decided to go, and payed our bills/ wasn't very expensive(although we drunk very much) because it was ladies night=). then, we went to the car and miri drove us home. but before doing that, she drove to the circul and passed it several times (oh my god, i was not amused!!hihi, also alex!!!). well, that were the main ideas of that evening...oh no i've forgotten sth.! we had to stop once, because alex felt sick...(and miri didn't want to have vomit in her car, so she rather stopped^^). yes...ok. perhaps sth for intelligent people^^: translate in german:

1) i know me out

2) onewallfree

3) foxdevilswild

4) again what learned

ok, that was the first and last entry in english=) i think thats a good idea, isn't it? i hope you enjoyed reading;-)

p.s.: Stefanie!! arrête de me provoquer!!^^ miri: you know you out!!:-{} INDIA I'M COMING!!!

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slumdog millionaire

wow einfach nur. zum ersten mal diesen film gesehn und der war wirklich wirklich super!also ich kann ihn nur empfehlen... also hier mal ein ausschnitt, bzw zwei=) und der kleine is halt soo dermaßen goldig...

 anschaun, auf jeden fall!^^

29.10.09 19:51

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